Aug 142014

Harper Government Spending on Liberal Firearms Program Nears Half a Billion Dollars

Your tax dollars at workby National Firearms Association

Canada’s National Firearms Association revealed today that the Conservative Government is spending much more on gun control that you might expect. In fact, spending on the firearms program continues to be out of control, with nearly half a billion dollars wasted on the program in the past eight years. Recent information obtained through access to information by NFA Life Member and researcher Dennis Young indicates that the cost of the firearms program remains out of control despite the government ending the firearms registry. Continue reading »

May 142014

The Billion Dollar Boondoggle Continues

dennisryoungby Dennis R. Young
Canada Free Press

In my Troy Media column last January, I provided evidence that, “The federal government hasn’t reported the detailed costs of running the Canadian Firearms Program to Parliament since the 2007/2008 fiscal year. “

Last week, after eight months of work by Information Commissioner Suzanne Legault and her investigators, the RCMP reluctantly released a partial gun control budget for 20013/14 of $56,964,321 employing the equivalent of 501 full time staff. Continue reading »

Jul 252013

Parliamentary spending estimates no longer report cost of Bill C-68, the Firearms Act

National Firearms AssociationNational Firearms Association

A review of the last seven years RCMP Reports on Plans and Priorities show a progressive worsening of reporting on the costs of the Canadian Firearms Program: Federal Government Costs and Anticipated Planned Spending Requirements. (see the files below for details)

“It’s to the point now that the RCMP’s Parliamentary Estimates report no costs and no number of employees,” stated NFA President, Sheldon Clare. “Why is the RCMP hiding the costs of administering the Firearms Act now? Continue reading »

Jan 252012

How many gun crimes are committed by registered owners?
No one knows.

Lorne Gunterby Lorne Gunter
National Post

Last month, the RCMP and Statistics Canada were forced to admit that they don’t keep statistics relating to the number of violent gun crimes in Canada that are committed by licenced gun owners using registered guns.

“Please note,” Statistics Canada wrote in response to an access to information request filed by the National Firearms Association, “that the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) survey does not collect information on licensing of either guns or gun owners related to the incidents of violent crime reported by police.” Nor does StatsCan’s annual homicide survey “collect information on the registration status of the firearm used to commit a homicide.”

This raises the question: Why did it take so long for the government to begin ridding Canada of the horribly expensive, unjustifiably intrusive federal gun registry? If no one in Ottawa had any systematic way of tracking whether or not Canadians suspected of committing a violent gun crime were licensed to own a gun and had registered the gun being used, then they had no way of knowing whether registration and licensing were having a positive impact on crime. Continue reading »

Oct 092011

Canadian military history headed for the smelter

Dennis E. Florianby Dennis E. Florian

Thank God we finally have our long-awaited Conservative Majority Government™!  No more will we need to worry about wasteful grandstanding and disrespect for our military, like we saw in the Shawinnigan Strangler’s “we’ll pay a half billion to not have ’em” fiasco.  Thank God we have a government now that not only respects our men and women in uniform, but also has the good sense to not piss away a buck.

Guess again.

The oh-so-much-better-than-the-Liberals Tories, who we worked our collective asses off to get elected, are now ready to take millions of dollars worth of our country’s military history and toss it into the smelter. Continue reading »

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