Florida registry hacked

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, which oversees concealed-weapons licensing, announced on Tuesday overseas hackers had stolen the private information of over 16,000 gun owners.

Why say anything

As a student who was shot and wounded during the Columbine massacre, I have a few thoughts on the current gun debate.

Godwin’s Law not required

Des Moines columnist calls for repeal of Second Amendment, death of gun owners by Joe Newby Examiner.com In an op-ed at the Des Moines Register, retired columnist...

How to get in over your head…

... in 3 easy steps.  I think I know where I'm going to buy my next truck. Step 1: Be a leftist, anti-gun, CNN...

Mexican Blame-off

The gun-grabbers keep howling the mantra that "90% of all the weapons are coming over the border from the US," as if saying it enough will make it true.

Get Connected


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