Gun control advocates slam changes to NSW firearm laws

Changes to firearms laws proposed by the NSW government have been savaged by opponents who claim they represent a step backwards for gun control in Australia.

Controversial gun marking rules need ‘substantial re-writing’: Goodale

The contentious regulations, which would help achieve compliance with a United Nations firearms treaty, have now been delayed eight times by four successive governments.

More boom for your stick

I recently came across a cartridge that I think has untapped sporting potential. It makes Ma Deuce look anemic. It could probably dump a T. rex on its butt

Carry Is Breaking Out All Over

It is important to note that state legislatures are not working to expand Second Amendment-protected rights, but to expand the exercise of the rights that are already there. These rights have been denied to the people via myriad gun control schemes.

Florida registry hacked

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, which oversees concealed-weapons licensing, announced on Tuesday overseas hackers had stolen the private information of over 16,000 gun owners.

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