Sep 292013

Things seem to have gone both ways somehow

Dennis E. Florianby Dennis E. Florian
Gun Owners’ Resource

It’s often been said that the pendulum of society may swing slowly, but swing it does.  Well, this past week, it seems to have been (if you’ll pardon the snigger-worthy turn of phrase) swinging both ways.

On the one end, you have Canada refusing to join the United States (what??) in signing off on the latest bit of UN malignancy, saying in plain language that we will not be a part of something that is clearly intended not to actually curtail the international arms trade but rather to undermine the RKBA rights of individual citizens.  To the surprise of no one whatsoever: Continue reading »

Jul 242013

You’d think they’d get it through their heads by now…

MONTREAL — For the second time in less than a month, Quebec has lost a bid to protect data on gun owners from being destroyed.

A ruling on Tuesday by the Quebec Court of Appeal reaffirmed the federal government’s right to delete names, addresses, phone numbers and registration numbers of Quebecers who own hunting weapons.

The rest: Sun News : Quebec Court of Appeal refuses to extend order to protect gun registry data.

Jun 272013

Canadian gun lawMore on this to come

MONTREAL — A Quebec court has sided with the Harper government: It says the province has no right to the federal long-gun registry data.

Quebec’s highest court has ruled against the provincial government, which is trying to save data for that province from being destroyed.

In its verdict, the Quebec Court of Appeal also ruled that the provincial government should pay the court costs for the case.

via Quebec has no right to federal gun-registry data, court rules | CTV News.

Nov 032012

But then again, is anything?

Canadian gun lawby Dennis Florian

Canadian gun owners have gotten themselves a bit of good news in the last few days.  Or should I say, Canadian gun owners outside of Quebec have gotten good news?  As usual, gun owners in the land of the bloc-heads are SOL when it comes to being treated like humans.  Maybe they could have themselves a referendum to separate from Quebec?  But I digress…

The bit of good news in question is that, at long last, we have confirmation that the last of the data from the long gun registry (Eliphas blancus canadensis) has finally been fed to the wood chipperon halloween, no less (No trick, all treat – no irony there at all).  Except, of course, for the data relating to Quebec gun owners – seems la belle province still has the blue pill firmly lodged in its collective throat. Continue reading »

May 242012

Canadian gun lawWant to help kill the LGR once and for all? Here’s your chance

Alright folks, it’s time to take the crowbars to our wallets.

Most of you already know about the stunt that Quebec is trying to pull in keeping the LGR data.  What not so many of you might know is that Marc-André Lussier is stepping up to fight it, and he needs our help.  I contacted his lawyer, Guy Lavergne and got this from him today:


My name is Guy Lavergne.  I am an attorney and member of the Bar of the Province of Quebec.  I am also a hunter, and shooter.

In early April 2012, the Quebec Government filed legal action against the Canadian Government, before the Quebec Superior Court, seeking to prevent the destruction of the long gun registry data, and the transfer of said data in order to start its own long gun registry.

Thus far, the Quebec Superior Court has issued two safeguard orders and one interlocutory injunction, in which it ordered the Canadian Government to preserve the data, and keep collecting data in relation to Quebec gun owners.  The latest such order is to remain in effect, pending a determination of the matter on its merits by the Quebec Superior Court.

Up until that point, only the respective governments had been represented before the Superior Court.  No organization or individual had stepped up to represent the legal interests of individual gun owners.

On May 11, 2012, I filed an Intervention on behalf of Mr. Marc-André Lussier (the “Intervener”) , in the ongoing litigation between Quebec and Canada, over the transfer of the long gun registry data. Continue reading »

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