Aug 032013

So, what are you doing on Saturday?

The Prince Edward Rod and Gun Club is located in beautiful Prince Edward County, 2 1/2 hours east of Toronto. Situated on 30 acres, the facilities consist of a clubhouse, 3 trap houses, a hundred yard outdoor range, which is used for rifle and handguns. There is 3 rifle benches in an enclosed trailer, which enhances shooting in inclement weather. Shoot trap on Sundays from April to November, starting at 10 am. Guests are welcome for all shooting disciplines, but must be accompanied by a member on the rifle range. Please feel free to drop by and visit. New members are welcome – CLICK HERE for more information!

Read more at Prince Edward County News – countylive.ca.

Apr 232013

CSSA/CILA…although not necessarily in that order.  Daily ham from the CSSA (with extra added linkage) covers plenty:


The onslaught of anti-gun legislation in the U.S. has failed, and the losers are sore.

The U.S. Senate froze the Obama train in its tracks for good reason. The U.S. president and his chorus were poised to introduce laws that were falsely aligned with public safety. The canny senators knew that those laws weren’t designed to avert mass shootings. They refused to cater to the media parade of victims because the legislation was an emotional mess of feel-good laws that are no solution at all. Continue reading »

Feb 242012

We’re through the looking glass, people; the mad are sane and the sane mad.

Dennis E. Florianby Dennis E. Florian

Those of us who think (however infrequently we may do it) always knew that the Grits’ so-called “gun control” notions were nothing more than a back door for totalitarian nanny-statism.  Sure, we were told — until the damn cows came home, were we told — that it wouldn’t lead to things like confiscations, warrantless intrusions, or any of the other countless abuses we all clearly saw coming.

But we knew better.  And time has proven us right, over and over again.  For those of you who still cling to the delusion that government can be trusted with such things as “gun laws,” kindly consider the case of Jessie Sansone, a 26 year old dad from Kitchener who recently got a nice, up-close view of the pure spite of government.  Jessie got arrested and given the rubber glove treatment because… his 4 year old daughter drew a picture.

Why can I never be making this stuff up? Continue reading »

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