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Yeah, I've been wondering that, too... Thanks to the NFA, we now have a few helpful hints to hopefully allow you to navigate the latest...

Not a Typo. Really.

The recent government bill marketed as intended to prevent cyberbullying that would give police significant additional powers to obtain private information without warrant give ordinary people much cause for concern. Firearm owners are already very familiar with how this sort of data collection can be abused to target individuals and groups of individuals for dubious purposes.

The Money’s Still Circling The Bowl

Spending on the firearms program continues to be out of control, with nearly half a billion dollars wasted on the program in the past eight years.

Everybody’s Talking About It

The reason for the absence of commentary here is simple: I haven't read the thing yet and until I do, I mean to keep my lip buttoned.

RCMP Q and A, if you can call it that

Commentary - RCMP Answers in File - A-2013-04535 - Feb 21 2014 by NFA Friday, February 21, 2014 RCMP ATI ACT RESPONSE - FILE # A-2013-04535 /...

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