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Jul 072014

Withholding documents is only prolonging the agony

Dennis R. Youngby Dennis R. Young
RCMP (ret.)

In addition to their inept handling of the High River Gun Grab last June and July and over the last year, the RCMP have also demonstrated how not to handle a self-made public relations disaster.

Given the amount of media interviews the RCMP have offered up these last few days in the Calgary Herald and Calgary Sun, it would seem the Mounties have learned little and are worried about what will be in the final report when it is issued by the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP in August. The top brass are starting to sound a little desperate in their media interviews as the evidence piles up against the actions they took in High River. Continue reading »

Dec 112013

But you can easily fix it


The will of Parliament clearly states that non-restricted firearms transfer information must not be kept since the long-gun registry has been scrapped. So, where’s the beef?

The recording of transfer information for non-restricted firearms continues, in spite of the orders passed down by our elected federal MPs to cease and desist. The registry data is obviously old, wonky and inaccurate, but a future government might still pretend to resurrect it to fool Canadians into thinking they will be safer. The NDP is on the record as saying it would kick-start the whole circus all over again. Gun records need to be treated with the scorched-earth treatment they deserve. The government should be saddened to know that 99.999 percent of gun owners believe there are long-gun registry copies hidden in the bottom drawer at every cop shop. Much of the goodwill that the government intended to bank from Bill C-19 is in the wind. Continue reading »

May 242012

Canadian gun lawWant to help kill the LGR once and for all? Here’s your chance

Alright folks, it’s time to take the crowbars to our wallets.

Most of you already know about the stunt that Quebec is trying to pull in keeping the LGR data.  What not so many of you might know is that Marc-André Lussier is stepping up to fight it, and he needs our help.  I contacted his lawyer, Guy Lavergne and got this from him today:


My name is Guy Lavergne.  I am an attorney and member of the Bar of the Province of Quebec.  I am also a hunter, and shooter.

In early April 2012, the Quebec Government filed legal action against the Canadian Government, before the Quebec Superior Court, seeking to prevent the destruction of the long gun registry data, and the transfer of said data in order to start its own long gun registry.

Thus far, the Quebec Superior Court has issued two safeguard orders and one interlocutory injunction, in which it ordered the Canadian Government to preserve the data, and keep collecting data in relation to Quebec gun owners.  The latest such order is to remain in effect, pending a determination of the matter on its merits by the Quebec Superior Court.

Up until that point, only the respective governments had been represented before the Superior Court.  No organization or individual had stepped up to represent the legal interests of individual gun owners.

On May 11, 2012, I filed an Intervention on behalf of Mr. Marc-André Lussier (the “Intervener”) , in the ongoing litigation between Quebec and Canada, over the transfer of the long gun registry data. Continue reading »

Apr 052012

Canada’s Long Gun Registration Ends

National Firearms Association

Bill C-19, the Conservative Government’s bill ending the registration of non-restricted long guns was passed by the Canadian Senate Wednesday by a vote of 50 to 27.  Two Liberal Senators voted for Bill C-19, one Progressive Conservative Senator voted against it.

On Thursday April 5, 2012, Bill C-19 was signed by Governor General David Johnston and received Royal Assent.  Now the bill is law and will need to be enacted.  The Quebec government has filed an injunction to obtain the federal registration records to set up its own registration system.  However, despite what Quebec does, Canada’s long experiment with universal firearms registration has ended. Continue reading »

Mar 302012

Rob Anders asks the next logical question

by Rob Anders,
Member of Parliament, Calgary West

The repeal of the gun registry is expected to go from a Senate standing committee to third reading in the Senate within the next two weeks.

While the ineffective and expensive long gun registry will have been repealed there still remain issues with Canadian gun laws.

We still need to make the regulations more straight forward and more common sense. Continue reading »

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