May 112016

For RCMP Only: Steal 6 Handguns and get Conditional Discharge

Yes, you read that right.  Christopher di Armani has the rest:

Imagine that you, mere citizen, managed to get your hands on 6 handguns and as part of your job you are to destroy them.  You don’t fulfill your job requirements for reasons the world will never know and take the handguns home.  Eventually (7 years later!) you are caught with these 6 stolen handguns.

Were you a mere citizen instead of a former RCMP member you would be in prison for a very long time.

Thank God for Daniel Daudet that he was once an RCMP Member, huh?


Mar 112013

Seems like just the other day we were writing something

CSSA president takes heat for Canada’s position in U.N. Arms Trade Treaty


Few things can rattle the anti-gun crowd more than seeing a firearms expert contribute policy advice to government. Especially when the advice is gratefully accepted.

A Postmedia News scribbler outed his own bias in Saturday’s news story [also below -Ed.] that criticizes Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA) president Steve Torino for assisting the Canadian government at U.N. Arms Trade Treaty negotiations. According to the story, it is wrong to consult with a firearms advocate who has a vested interest in the outcome of the treaty. What is this guy smoking? Continue reading »

Jan 292013

Extremely so, it would seem…

Gun Control Does Not Mean Murder Control

by Roger Toutant
Ludwig von Mises Institute of Canada

In 2010 the RCMP gave its employees who roam about Parliament Hill Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine guns.  The MP5 can be configured for fully automatic operation.  Such a weapon is off limits to the average citizen, though.  Whereas the political class in Canada has reserved the right to protect itself with all available gun technology, it has intentionally deprived Canadian citizens with the same ability to protect themselves and their families via its gun control laws. Continue reading »

Sep 302011

428 Guns Vanish From Police Arsenals: RCMP

Dennis E. Florianby Dennis E. Florian

The utter hypocrisy of our overseers really is astonishing sometimes.  Maybe, instead of sanctimoniously lecturing people like Ian Thomson about onerous “proper storage” regulations, cops should be asking how many of their guns have “fallen into the wrong hands?”

A recent Access to Information Act request by Gary Mauser and Dennis Young found that the RCMP has ‘fessed up that 428 firearms have magically up and buggered off from the possession of the RCMP, other police services and public agencies across Canada.

As Sheldon Clare, the NFA President, pointed out: “The police are quick to point accusing fingers at law-abiding gun owners who have their firearms stolen from them but aren’t so quick to admit their failure to keep their own firearms out of the hands of criminals.”  Good thing cops are excluded from the assorted idiocies of the Firearms Act, eh? Continue reading »

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