Just So We Remember Where Mulcair’s At

Mulcair has said for some time now that he doesn’t want and will not bring in the Liberal gun registry of old but that doesn’t mean he won’t bring in some kind of gun registry.

Quebec LGR?

Public Security Minister Robert Dutil told The Canadian Press that civil servants are considering a so-called "plan B" -- a provincial registry -- if the Conservatives deliver on their promise to ditch the federal one.

United Nations gun grabbers at it again

If the U.N. had a clue or truly cared about preventing terrorists and other human garbage from wreaking havoc, it would admit to the facts and propose making it easier for law-abiding citizens to get their hands on guns so that they would have the means to cause said human vermin to assume room temperature.

The 90% nonesense

You've heard it over and over again. From every dark corner of the good old US of A, the gun grabbers are growling the same lie over and over again. "Ninety percent of all Mexican crime guns are traced back to the United States."

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