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Jul 132014

It’s always good to see when someone comes to their senses and drops foolish notions.  In this case it’s Kevin Hampson writing in the Mayerthorpe Freelancer’s opinion pages this past Monday.

Gun control ignores problems behind mass shootings

by Kevin Hampson
QMI Agency

England a century ago was undoubtedly one of the most tranquil societies that ever existed. Yes, I know; the Brits fought wars in the far-flung corners of the earth. But Edwardian society was, internally, remarkably orderly and civil.

It also had virtually no laws against firearms. Some will see this as paradoxical, but it isn’t. The Edwardians were able to own guns and have a peaceful society because they were decent, law-abiding people. Continue reading »

May 012013

marvinThere was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom!

Well, it’s been over a year now since the LGR was taken out and shot (in most places, anyway).  So where’s all the mayhem the gun grabbers promised would happen if we took away their Precious?  Skyrocketing school shootings, fender bender shootouts, stray bullets turning corners to kill innocent children, morgues across the country filled to overflowing with the victims of the Evil Gun Lobby®?

Where’s the kaboom?

Well?  Where the hell is it?? Continue reading »

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