Everybody’s Talking About It

The reason for the absence of commentary here is simple: I haven't read the thing yet and until I do, I mean to keep my lip buttoned.

Dear Kristen Gwynne:

We need to gather these lists! The people need to be warned! You CAN help! Find out how here.

How (not) to keep schoolchildren safe

I'm utterly astonished that they didn't conclude the article with "and put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye."

Well, that’s nice

it's the second statement more than anything else that sets off my alarm bells and makes me think this guy is nowhere near as on the up-and-up as he pretends to be. I don't like it because I've heard it so damn many times before (and so have you)

Mass shootings aren’t on the rise

At the risk of making a bad joke, it's not paranoia if they really out to get you.

Get Connected


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