Jul 252014

This is what we’ve waited so long for?

Dennis E. Florianby Dennis E. Florian
Gun Owners’ Resource

As you’ve probably all heard by now, Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney announced on Wednesday that the CPC would be introducing what they call the “Common Sense Firearms Licensing Act” this fall when Parliament resumes.  You may also have noticed that there hasn’t been any story on it here yet.

The reason for the absence of commentary here is simple: I haven’t read the thing yet and until I do, I mean to keep my lip buttoned (or at least try to).  But considering it has the word “licensing” in it, I’m probably not going to be overly impressed.  But I’ll wait and see.  Maybe I can get a nice surprise for a change. Continue reading »

Jul 122014

No big deal?  Think again.

CSSA/CILAby Tony Bernardo

In the wake of our Commentary in the last CSSA E-News about the destructive effect that the U.N. gun marking scheme would have in the Canadian marketplace, we received a note from an E-News reader.

The note opined: “My Norinco pump has CA marked on it. Didn’t devastate anything.”

CSSA executive director Tony Bernardo has delivered several speeches on the subject at the United Nations in New York City over the years. He warns this reader that it would be a mistake to consider the proposed U.N. gun marking regime as non-threatening. Continue reading »

Apr 022014

[Apparently, the NRA’s still the boogeyman… who knew? -Ed.]

Coalition for Gun Control seeking more handouts


A responsible gun owner has intercepted a letter dated March 17, 2014 signed by Wendy Cukier, President of the Coalition for Gun Control, entitled, “The gun lobby does not speak for me!”

That’s the truth – but one of very few true statements in Ms. Cukier’s letter. The Coalition must be broke, but we’re never sure because this anti-gun lobby group is not required to open its books publicly.

The four-page letter exudes the usual hysterical fiction that fools some gullible gun-haters’ into opening their wallets. Chief among Ms. Cukier’s twaddle is the shop-worn claim of the “deep influence the American National Rifle Association (NRA) has in Canada. The NRA is the most powerful lobby in the world. Its efforts span the globe but it has been particularly active in Canada.” Continue reading »

Nov 102013


The Ottawa police chief is fairly giddy with the success of the recent Pixels for Pistols campaign that collected over 1,000 guns.

Sleep well, Ottawa – now you are safe. But from what and from whom? How much did it cost to assign police officers to make hundreds of house calls – and what could they have been doing instead? By their own admission, the police are championing a program specifically designed to avoid collecting guns used in crimes. The mandate of a police service is to fight crime, yet this program brazenly warns criminals that all gun serial numbers will be checked against crime gun records. In lieu of catching bad guys, the police much prefer a tryst with local media to tout yet another Pixels for Propaganda program. Continue reading »

Jun 042013

CSSA: Court case against CFO moves at glacial speed

CSSA/CILAThe Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA) is building its case against the Ontario Chief Firearms Office, but the process is bogging down while the legal system decides whether the CFO is fish or fowl.

CSSA Acting Executive Director Tony Bernardo and senior firearms lawyer Edward Burlew LL.B. made their second appearance in court in Oshawa with the CFO on May 28. For the second consecutive time, the courtroom echoed with jurisdictional wrangling to determine which court should hear the case.

It comes as no surprise that the venue for this hearing is unclear – it reflects the enduring lack of clarity about where CFOs fit into Canada’s pecking order of authority. But one thing is clear – the federal government seems reluctant to rein in the CFOs when they step out of line. If the feds that appoint CFOs aren’t their boss, then who is? When folks like Ontario CFO Chris Wyatt invent their own rules, it appears that special interest groups like the CSSA have to step up. Continue reading »

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