Mar 062013

I’m going to say something that will undoubtedly cause me to lose some police officer friends. But I feel it needs to be said anyway. I’m willing to take the heat for it.

Keep in mind, I became a police officer because I wanted to be a good guy. Even though we’ve all seen reports of police brutality and corruption, I still believe we cops are the good guys. I’ve seen cops perform brave, selfless acts for strangers on countless occasions. Even the worst cops I’ve ever known would risk their lives to defend the innocent. But I have to say this anyway. Before you start throwing shoes, hear me out. I have a good reason for saying it.

If you think our police are no threat to your freedom, you’re living in a fantasy world. Continue reading »

Oct 282009

Police Support Extensive for Legislation to End Long-Gun Registry

Candice HoeppnerOTTAWA, ON – Candice Hoeppner, Member of Parliament for Portage—Lisgar, said today that her Private Member’s Bill to end the long-gun registry has the support of various police associations, front-line officers and Chiefs of Police.

“The Opposition’s main argument in maintaining the long-gun registry has been that the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) and the Canadian Police Association (CPA) support it,” said Hoeppner. “I have spoken with many Chiefs of Police and front-line officers who disagree with their associations and unequivocally support my bill to end the long-gun registry.” Continue reading »

May 282009

A Challenge by Police Officers to the CACP stance on the Firearms Registry

Randy Kuntzby Cnst. Randy Kuntz
Edmonton Police Service

The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police currently support the firearms registry.  They say it is a necessary tool in the fight against crime and the safety of the public and police officers.

For the past month, I have been gathering comments and concerns of police officers across Canada as it relates to the registry and its usefulness.  Being a policeman myself, the CACP position on the Firearms registry has always bothered me as it is not a reflection of police opinion but that of a select group.  And I believe they are wrong.

My question to my fellow officers was fairly simple:  Do you support the firearms registry?

I have been fortunate to have had hundreds of police officers contact me in regards to this matter.  As of this morning, I have 521 responses from across Canada.  Of these responses, 7 approve of the registry.   514 say it is useless and should be scrapped.

I expected that. Continue reading »

May 112009

Here’s a thought for you:

Randy Kuntzby Cnst. Randy Kuntz
Edmonton Police Service

Recently I have been surveying police members from across Canada in relation to their thoughts, personal or professional, on the long gun registry.

I have had some very interesting emails and comments from police members and thought I should share the data I have collected thus far.

My purpose in this was to present these statistics to the CACP as they have been supporting the long gun registry as an “officer safety and public safety” issue. I believe they are wrong and I set out to prove that the CACP does not speak on behalf of law enforcement officers as a whole. On a daily basis, I am seeing that the CACP and police members differ greatly in their views on the long gun registry. Continue reading »

Nov 232005

update: as of March, 2006, the FBI is no longer using GSR as a source of evidence at all.

The sure thing isn’t so sure.  Robin Mejia tells why not in the New Scientist:

TYRONE JONES is serving a life sentence, in part because of a microscopic particle that Baltimore police found on his left hand. At his trial for murder in 1998 the crime-lab examiner gave evidence that the particle was residue from a gunshot. He claimed Jones must have held or fired a gun shortly before his arrest.

Jones denies this and still protests his innocence. His defence team is appealing the conviction, claiming that the science of gunshot residue (GSR) analysis is not as robust as the prosecution claims. Continue reading »

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