Jul 222015

Yeah, I’ve been wondering that, too…

National Firearms AssociationThanks to the NFA, we now have a few helpful hints to hopefully allow you to navigate the latest government rigmarole a little easier.

Bill C-42: Frequently Asked Questions


On June 18, 2015, Canada’s Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, the Honourable Steven Blaney, highlighted the Royal Assent of the Common Sense Firearms Licensing Act. This legislation amends the Firearms Act and the Criminal Code.

The news release published by Public Safety Canada provided the following information: Continue reading »

Dec 112013

But you can easily fix it


The will of Parliament clearly states that non-restricted firearms transfer information must not be kept since the long-gun registry has been scrapped. So, where’s the beef?

The recording of transfer information for non-restricted firearms continues, in spite of the orders passed down by our elected federal MPs to cease and desist. The registry data is obviously old, wonky and inaccurate, but a future government might still pretend to resurrect it to fool Canadians into thinking they will be safer. The NDP is on the record as saying it would kick-start the whole circus all over again. Gun records need to be treated with the scorched-earth treatment they deserve. The government should be saddened to know that 99.999 percent of gun owners believe there are long-gun registry copies hidden in the bottom drawer at every cop shop. Much of the goodwill that the government intended to bank from Bill C-19 is in the wind. Continue reading »

Jun 042013

CSSA: Court case against CFO moves at glacial speed

CSSA/CILAThe Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA) is building its case against the Ontario Chief Firearms Office, but the process is bogging down while the legal system decides whether the CFO is fish or fowl.

CSSA Acting Executive Director Tony Bernardo and senior firearms lawyer Edward Burlew LL.B. made their second appearance in court in Oshawa with the CFO on May 28. For the second consecutive time, the courtroom echoed with jurisdictional wrangling to determine which court should hear the case.

It comes as no surprise that the venue for this hearing is unclear – it reflects the enduring lack of clarity about where CFOs fit into Canada’s pecking order of authority. But one thing is clear – the federal government seems reluctant to rein in the CFOs when they step out of line. If the feds that appoint CFOs aren’t their boss, then who is? When folks like Ontario CFO Chris Wyatt invent their own rules, it appears that special interest groups like the CSSA have to step up. Continue reading »

May 092013

Chief Firearms Officers treat sport shooters as criminals-in-waiting

CSSA/CILAThe more that Chief Firearms Offices (CFOs) across Canada try to tread on sport shooters, the more it appears they are simply interested in preserving their own jobs. It’s the other cash-for-life lottery.

Canadians are coughing up oodles of tax dollars to support CFOs in their self-serving job-creation programs. We encourage all target shooters, hunters, farmers and trappers to join the chorus and tell your federal representatives: Enough already! Continue reading »

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