Sep 232010

Elites obeyed, constituents betrayed

Dennis E. Florianby Dennis E. Florian
GunOwnersResource staff

If there were ever any doubt, it can now be put to rest.  Nothing short of a majority government, formed by the Conservative Party of Canada, is going to get rid of the multi-billion dollar white elephant that is the long gun registry.

Both the Liberals and New Democrats had the chance to get rid of it but chose to obey their party ideologues and keep the albatross firmly around all our necks.

And why would they do such a thing?  The excuse du jour boils down to, “We had to do it because the Tories were being so mean.”  Of course.  Being an elitist means never having to admit you’re wrong. Continue reading »

Sep 152010

MPs cave in to Liberal threats and partisan politics

OFAH_logoby Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters

With the notable exception of MPs Peter Stoffer, John Rafferty and Bruce Hyer, NDP members who previously supported Bill C-391 and scrapping the long gun registry, will ignore the views of their constituents, the outdoor community, hunters, farmers, recreational and Olympic shooters and thousands of front line police officers across Canada, and back a Liberal motion to kill the bill. Continue reading »

May 202010

Registry doesn’t do anything to help protect Canadians

by Dylan Shott
The Gateway, University of Alberta

Thanks to intervention by Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff, feeble gun-control measures may survive what should have been a fatal blow. A private member’s bill currently being sent through the House of Commons aims to abolish the long-gun registry, which was established under the 1995 Liberal government. The new bill, C-391, passed first and second readings in the House, and was to go through its third reading as a free vote.

But the corruption of democracy reared its ugly head when Ignatieff decided he would whip the vote. It’s contemptible to see MPs ignoring the wishes of their constituents, an unyielding leader dictating policy on private members’ bills, and the continuation of the $2-billion boondoggle that is the failed long-gun registry. Continue reading »

May 192010

Retired Winnipeg inspector loves being right

Canadian gun lawby Jack S. Tinsley,
Winnipeg Police Service (ret)

It is with great interest that I have watched the reactions of the Canadian public last week to the recent media coverage of the Canadian long-gun registry and our minority Conservative government’s bill to repeal it. Hopefully, the facts will prevail and the myths and political rhetoric surrounding it will be seen for what they really are. Continue reading »

Mar 262010

The inevitable abuse of RCMP authority rears its ugly head


Since the early days of Bill C-68 the classification of firearms has been a real and valid concern of Canadian gun owners. The arbitrary reclassification of some firearms and the refusal to classify others has not only been a violation of our rights, it has resulted in the confiscation of personal property. This has had a significant financial impact on numerous law abiding citizens. Continue reading »

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