May 272009

Blame it on the woodchuck, I guess.

Dennis E. Florianby Dennis E. Florian
Gun Owners’ Resource Staff

Canadian gun owners can be forgiven if they’re feeling some peculiar empathy for Bill Murray these days.  Back in 1993, poor Bill found himself doomed to repeat the second of February over and over, for all time, until he got it right.

When it comes to figuring out how to properly deal with the multi-billion-dollar white elephant that is the Canadian long gun registry (it should be taken out behind the barn and shot), we seem to be stuck in the same boat, reliving the same pains in our collective butts over and over, for all eternity, until we finally get it right. Continue reading »

Mar 102009

$2 billion worth of police will save more lives than one gun registry

Garry Breitkreuz, MPby Garry Breitkreuz
MP (CPC), Yorkton-Melville

When the national long-gun registry was introduced 14 years ago, I believed it would help keep Canadians safe.

After many years of research, consultation and more than 600 access-to-information requests as a Member of Parliament, I now know that nothing could be further from the truth. The gun registry has not saved one life in Canada, and it has been a financial sinkhole, estimated to have cost some $2-billion. Imagine how many more police we could have on the streets if we had invested more wisely. Continue reading »

Feb 262009

Bill C-301 needs the support of EVERY Canadian gun owner

Canadian gun lawby Gun Owners’ Resource Editorial Staff

Many Canadian gun owners already know about Bill C-301. For those of you who don’t, C-301 is the Conservative Party of Canada’s latest attempt at making good on their longstanding promise to get rid of the Canadian long gun registry white elephant once and for all. The registry, along with most other provisions in the previous Liberal government’s despised bill C-68, has been nothing but a colossal waste of money that has done nothing whatsoever to deter real crime and only made criminals of thousands of otherwise law-abiding Canadian gun owners who refused to participate in this unprecedented abuse of their rights.

No doubt about it, C-301 needs to pass. But it needs your help. Continue reading »

Feb 122009

You can please some of the people, some of the time…

Dennis E. Florianby Dennis E. Florian
Gun Owners’ Resource staff

As the saying goes, you can please some of the people some of the time, but a badger in your Stanfields probably doesn’t want to be there. Or something like that.

On Monday afternoon of this week, Yorkton-Melville MP Garry Breitkreuz (CPC) introduced Bill C-301 for first reading in the Canadian House of Commons (more on that here and here, in case you missed it). The Bill set out, amongst other things, to follow through on the long-made promise of the Conservative Party of Canada to outright scrap the $2billion white elephant that is the Canadian long gun registry. While there are also other provisions in the Bill (like cleaning up the ATT process), killing the registry is the one that’s gotten all the chins wagging away — on both sides of the fence. Continue reading »

Feb 102009

Taking another kick at the registry can

Dennis E. Florianby Dennis E. Florian
Gun Owners’ Resource staff

Well, here we are again.

As some of you have likely noticed in a hastily-posted item here last night, Canadian Member of Parliament Garry Breitkreuz (Yorkton—Melville, CPC) introduced Bill C-301 to the House of Commons at about 3:15 or so, yesterday afternoon. While the bill holds true to fulfilling a longstanding Conservative Party promise to finally drive a stake through the heart of the loathsome and colossally wasteful Canadian long gun registry, gun owners north of the 49 parallel must be forgiven if their elation seems somewhat subdued in the wake of this news.

We’ve been here before, you see. Continue reading »

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