Wayne LaPierre

Mar 242010

The promised $2 million taxpayer cost of the long gun registry ballooned into the largest overrun in Canada’s history—in excess of $2 billion.

W_LaPierreby Wayne LaPierre
Executive Vice President, National Rifle Association

If all goes well in the Canadian parliament, Dominion gun owners will be freed from 14 years of living under the crushing weight of a bureaucratic, scandal-ridden, wasteful, invasive, $2 billion, error-ridden and inarguably worthless long gun registry. The registry has been proven a fraud in regard to promised minimal costs and significant impact on violent crime. Continue reading »

Mar 292009

U.S. freedoms are not to blame for Mexico’s drug war

W_LaPierreby Wayne LaPierre
Executive VP &  CEO, National Rifle Association

Here’s a summary for the time- or attention-challenged: Never surrender freedom for laws that can’t affect criminals; they disobey laws for a living.

Nobody is surprised that Attorney General Eric Holder wants to make good on his promise to ban guns. We just didn’t know whose tragedy he’d seize to advance his agenda.

Now we do. It’s the drug-driven death and violence in Mexico at the hands of ruthless criminal cartels. Continue reading »

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