Solomon Friedman

Sep 272011

Long gun registry debate misses the point

Solomon Friedmanby Solomon Friedman
The Landowner

The failure of Bill C-391, which proposed the scrapping of the federal long gun registry, has drawn renewed interest to a subject which has lain virtually dormant for much of the last decade – gun control. The new Conservative majority government, which has promised to end the registry once and for all, has further enflamed debate on this controversial topic. Continue reading »

Jul 112011

Quebec Long Gun Registry: Constitutional?

Solomon Friedmanby Solomon Friedman
Firearms Law Canada

After reading the various news items in which the idea of a Quebec-only long gun registry has been floated, I have been considering the fascinating constitutional implications of such a move.

As firearms owners are well aware, the constitutional challenge against the federal Firearms Act on the grounds that it encroached on provincial jurisdiction ultimately failed at the Supreme Court of Canada. Continue reading »

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