Sheldon Clare

Jan 062012

Still on the topic of to the most recent blog post, the NFA’s Sheldon Clare chips in his own two cents’ worth on the matter (with a little emphasis and helpful links added by us):

Is the Armi-Jager AP 80 a variant of the AK-47?

by Sheldon Clare
National Firearms Association

Here is my opinion regarding as to whether or not the Armi-Jager AP-80 is truly a “variant” of the AK-47. I hope that this information is useful.

As a collector of firearms for over 25 years I have had the opportunity to study and examine many firearms, including military small arms of the former Soviet block and China.  Some would consider me an expert on various firearms, particularly military small arms of the twentieth century.   In addition, I am a province of British Columbia certified Conservation Outdoor Recreation Education hunter safety examiner ( No. 7007) and course instructor, and as such I am familiar with standard firearms actions. Continue reading »

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