Monte Solberg

Aug 282013

Firearm storage laws leave us firing blanks when we need the real thing

MonteSolbergby Monte Solberg
Toronto Sun

It must be a bit bracing to be home when a bad guy is trying to break into your house. I don’t worry about such things myself. I have a ferocious golden retriever guarding my castle.

Not everyone is so fortunate, nor are they as likely to be constantly picking dog hair off their pants, but I digress.

According to a story in the Calgary Sun, “police believe the homeowner went to a basement window when a man smashed through it Monday night, and threatened the would-be intruder to stay out.

“It is alleged a short time later, after getting ammunition, the (homeowner) returned to the window and fired a .22-calibre rifle several times, but the suspect had already fled on a bike.

“Gary Paul Bucci, 68, is charged with unsafe storage of firearm and careless use of firearm.”

Ahh, but things are never as straightforward as they seem. The story goes on to say the alleged bad guy was already in court for attacking a woman in the house. Continue reading »

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