Michael Ackermann

Responsible firearms advocate and CSSA board member, Dr. Mike Ackermann of Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia, is well-known in the Canadian firearms community. He is a rural family physician, prolific writer, determined seeker of justice and a former member of the Public Safety Minister’s Firearms Advisory Committee.

May 262014

And they can’t figure out why we get our dander up

by Dr. Michael Ackermann M.D.

I am attempting to wade through the bureaucratic quagmire that is the required trial by ordeal in order for me to legally take possession of my own personal property, to wit, a .223 semi-automatic rifle I purchased at the CSSA AGM on April 26.

The seller and I reached a mutually agreeable price, I showed my PAL, and paid. So far so good.

Under any sane system of laws, that would be the end of it and I would then arrange transport of my new tool to my house via Canada Post.

But we don’t have sane, evidence-based laws. We have knee-jerk, emotionally driven laws. Continue reading »

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