Mia Rabson

Sep 262009

Conservatives to gun-grabbers: “we told you so!”  RCMP/CFC skulduggery gives new weight to Bill C-391.  Think the government can be trusted with your private information?  Think again.

Bill to kill long gun registry RCMP released data to polling agency

By: Mia Rabson
Winnipeg Free Press

OTTAWA — Manitoba MP Candice Hoeppner said an accusation the RCMP improperly gave private information about gun owners to a polling firm gives more weight to her quest to get rid of the national gun registry.The timing for Hoeppner couldn’t be better. The Conservative MP for Portage-Lisgar has a private members’ bill before Parliament to kill the registry. The bill is scheduled to come up for its first hour of debate Monday morning in the House of Commons. Continue reading »

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