Larry Whitmore

Aug 242010

Ethics expert says police chiefs’ association has track record of “dodgy behaviour.”

CSSA/CILAby Larry Whitmore
Executive Director

Canadian Shooting Sports Association

In the torrid game of political chess that is poised to scrap Canada’s long-gun registry, some players appear willing to sacrifice ethical principles to win.

The kings, knights and rooks are quick to push their pawns to the middle of the board to demonstrate faux teamwork, but many of those pawns are unwilling accomplices. The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP), the Canadian Police Association, and the Canadian Association of Police Boards want to maintain the long-gun registry.

But, many front-line police officers have pronounced it useless and potentially dangerous to any cop who believes the data. A national survey taken by an Edmonton police officer last year shows an astounding 92 percent of police respondents want the registry scrapped. Continue reading »

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