Kurt Hofmann

Jan 112012

Holding purveyors of anti-gun junk science accountable?

by Kurt Hofmann
St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner

An article last month in the Conducive Chronicle raised the question of civil liability for publishing studies (or enabling their publishing) that support the “wrong” side of the climate change debate–or even making involvement in such studies illegal (emphasis added):

Which raises the question: if these studies are largely designed not to shed light on climate change, but to create doubt and confusion to delay greenhouse gas regulations, why is it legal, and do those deliberately spreading misinformation face liability?

Entrance into the debate about anthropogenic climate change is obviously far beyond the scope of St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner, so what am I getting at? Just that if, as the article puts it, “deliberate manipulation of science” in an effort to influence policy becomes illegal, the forcible citizen disarmament lobby might want to “lawyer up.”

Examples? Glad you asked. Continue reading »

Sep 132011

Let’s be clear–the only thing ‘botched’ in ‘Project Gunwalker’ was the cover-up

by Kurt Hofmann
St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner

National Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea pointed out early this month that every time the “Project Gunwalker” atrocity is described as a “botched gun sting,” a lie is being disseminated.  The lie is the notion that there was ever the intention of mounting any kind of “sting” to “botch.”  There was not.  There could not have been.  No effort was made to track the guns past the border (or, very often, even to the border).  When field agents tried to track them any farther than a few blocks from the gun shops, they were ordered to stand down their surveillance.  Nor is it the case that the plan was for Mexican authorities to be tipped about what was going on, so they could perform the surveillance. Continue reading »

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