Dylan Shott

May 202010

Registry doesn’t do anything to help protect Canadians

by Dylan Shott
The Gateway, University of Alberta

Thanks to intervention by Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff, feeble gun-control measures may survive what should have been a fatal blow. A private member’s bill currently being sent through the House of Commons aims to abolish the long-gun registry, which was established under the 1995 Liberal government. The new bill, C-391, passed first and second readings in the House, and was to go through its third reading as a free vote.

But the corruption of democracy reared its ugly head when Ignatieff decided he would whip the vote. It’s contemptible to see MPs ignoring the wishes of their constituents, an unyielding leader dictating policy on private members’ bills, and the continuation of the $2-billion boondoggle that is the failed long-gun registry. Continue reading »

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