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dennisryoungDennis Young retired to Airdrie, Alberta in 2007 after working for 13 years on Parliament Hill for Garry Breitkreuz, MP for Yorkton-Melville. Dennis is a member of the Calgary RCMP Veterans Association, and an Honourary Life Member of both the CSSA and the NFA. Dennis recently received the CSSA’s John Holdstock Memorial Award for his 20-year crusade for the rights of firearms owners.

Jul 072014

Withholding documents is only prolonging the agony

Dennis R. Youngby Dennis R. Young
RCMP (ret.)

In addition to their inept handling of the High River Gun Grab last June and July and over the last year, the RCMP have also demonstrated how not to handle a self-made public relations disaster.

Given the amount of media interviews the RCMP have offered up these last few days in the Calgary Herald and Calgary Sun, it would seem the Mounties have learned little and are worried about what will be in the final report when it is issued by the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP in August. The top brass are starting to sound a little desperate in their media interviews as the evidence piles up against the actions they took in High River. Continue reading »

May 232014

Gun grab commentary

dennisryoungby Dennis R. Young
RCMP (ret.)

On June 20, it will be one year since thousands of residents of High River, Alberta had to run for their lives to escape flood waters that inundated a large part of that town and flooded many of the 4,000 homes.

A State of Local Emergency was declared by the town council and the town’s people were ordered to evacuate. Two hundred and seventy-three Mounties and three hundred and thirty soldiers descended on High River. Continue reading »

May 142014

The Billion Dollar Boondoggle Continues

dennisryoungby Dennis R. Young
Canada Free Press

In my Troy Media column last January, I provided evidence that, “The federal government hasn’t reported the detailed costs of running the Canadian Firearms Program to Parliament since the 2007/2008 fiscal year. “

Last week, after eight months of work by Information Commissioner Suzanne Legault and her investigators, the RCMP reluctantly released a partial gun control budget for 20013/14 of $56,964,321 employing the equivalent of 501 full time staff. Continue reading »

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