David Codrea

Jul 312011

British philosophy professor shows ultimate goal of gungrabbers

by David Codrea
Gun Rights Examiner

“In discussion of the atrocity in Norway last week, there is one subject which has been notable by the almost total silence about it: guns.”

The writer assuring us  of this is British philosophy professor A C Grayling, and he apparently doesn’t frequent anti-gun websites like those of the Brady Campaign or the Violence Policy Center.  He’s also blissfully unaware of blame apportionment going on by politicians like Carolyn McCarthy and Frank Lautenberg, who say a U.S. magazine ban is just the ticket for stopping foreign terrorists from going on mass murder sprees. And forgetting what’s being said on this side of the pond, is it unreasonable to expect someone passing himself off as an authority to be ignorant of recommendations from the U.K.’s The Guardian that “tighter gun controls…must surely be part of the repertoire of increased security measures to which Norway should eventually turn”? Continue reading »

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