Everybody’s Talking About It

The reason for the absence of commentary here is simple: I haven't read the thing yet and until I do, I mean to keep my lip buttoned.

Handgun Ban Fiction In TO

What Ms Chow doesn’t seem to understand is that criminals and gang members don’t obey the law. Calling for such a ban isn’t leadership. It’s an empty gesture.

UN Gun Marking Scheme

There is no inexpensive way to mark a firearm after it has been manufactured and finished. All marking methods are damaging to the finish and invalidate the warranty.

Time for the truth to come out

Given the misinformation provided so far by RCMP spokespersons regarding the High River firearms seizures, including the former RCMP K Division Commanding Officer, and the withholding of documents requested under the Access to Information Act, it is doubtful that any information to come from the RCMP in Alberta will either "clarify misinformation" or be "a credible source."

Fire ’em up

MPs soon acclimatized and we have encouraged gun owners to write their elected officials many times. It seems there remain some within the gun community who missed those appeals

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