Christopher di Armani

May 112016

For RCMP Only: Steal 6 Handguns and get Conditional Discharge

Yes, you read that right.  Christopher di Armani has the rest:

Imagine that you, mere citizen, managed to get your hands on 6 handguns and as part of your job you are to destroy them.  You don’t fulfill your job requirements for reasons the world will never know and take the handguns home.  Eventually (7 years later!) you are caught with these 6 stolen handguns.

Were you a mere citizen instead of a former RCMP member you would be in prison for a very long time.

Thank God for Daniel Daudet that he was once an RCMP Member, huh?

Jan 292012

What to do if the RCMP Calls You on the Phone About Your Firearms License

by Christopher di Armani

It has come to my attention that the RCMP may or may not be phoning people who have firearms licenses expiring within the next 12 months.  I’ve heard of at least one individual who says they have been contacted on the telephone by someone claiming to be from the RCMP and that person demanded all kinds of personal information from them.

NOTE You are under NO OBLIGATION to answer personal questions from an unidentified voice on the telephone!

See: [registration required, but worth it  -Ed.]

I have no way of confirming whether or not this story is true, but here are the steps that every firearm owner should follow if they receive a telephone call from anyone claiming to be from the RCMP or any other branch of law enforcement. Continue reading »

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