Blair Hagen

Nov 022012

A little of it goes a long way

by Blair Hagen
National Firearms Association

Twenty years ago, Wendy Cukier, Heidi Rathjen, the “Coalition for Gun Control” set out to break the back of the firearms community of Canada.

They knew that in order to cement their agenda of civil disarmament, they would have to prevent “gun control” from becoming a political issue in Canada on the scale that it is in the United States.

They knew it was a numbers game. The more people who legitimately own and use firearms, the harder it is to legislate them away.

So, they pursued their agenda of civil disarmament with two friendly governments; the Progressive Conservatives, and when they were defeated, the Liberals.

They created all kinds of myths with their fellow travellers in media and academia. Firearms were an “American” thing. They were never part of Canadian culture, or the Canadian experience. Continue reading »

Oct 162008

The following article was written by the National Firearms Association’s National President, Blair Hagen.

As the title implies, it concerns the aftermath of the recent Canadian federal election which was held on October 14th, 2008.  It’s a somewhat lengthy read, but id definitely worth the time.  It is a heartening message of patience, determination and, perhaps most importantly, an optimism that has been too much absent in the Canadian firearms community for several years now (pretty much since the passage of Bill C-68 in 1995).  It is also probably the most insightful election post mortem that you are going to find written from the point of view of an average Canadian gun owner, concerned with the future of his rights.

The message is simple: it isn’t happening in a hurry, but we are winning.

So please read on, it will probably be the best time you’ve wasted all day… Continue reading »

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